Friday, September 11, 2015

9/11 Never Forget

          Days like this day make us raw forms of our human selves. On this day, you have woken up, brushed your teeth, picked out your clothes, busily made breakfast, drank coffee, checked your phone, grabbed your belongings, maybe grabbed your kids, gotten one last kiss from your significant other, and ran out the door. 
           So much of human time is mundane. We walk through life operating on schedules, placing ourselves in rhythm with expectations that others have set for us. Your time clock is awaiting for you to check in, your boss has a meeting scheduled, and your children have a bell that rings for their presence.
           And then you pause. You recognize the date. You shut your eyes, close out the world, go back to the place where you were in the time that 9/11/2001 hit all of our hearts around the nation.
           You sit, you reflect, and you feel pain. You think of the loss and the tragedy. You think of the futures of human lives that were taken away, the relationships that disappeared, the love and the human connection that has been lost.
           You hold those thoughts in your head. You think of those directly affected. You think of those who you do not know, the heroes that were formed, the indescribable amount of togetherness that occurred on this day as our nation rose up from the ashes and started to build back together again.  
           Keep reflecting. Keep feeling. Keep letting this pain and these feelings and those thoughts circle in your present. 

           This togetherness, your emotional response to the sadness that this reflective day forever holds in our hearts: 
       This Is Who We Are

           This is what we are really made of. Emotion. The ability to feel. The ability to hold others in our hearts. We will continue to rise up from ashes, and never, ever, ever forget.

Shine On,

Dr. Kate Cummins

Dr. Kate Cummins is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist based out of Los Angeles, California. I am now accepting new patients in my private practice and through Skype (telehealth). Please look at my website, and contact me with any questions you may have (424)488-9973 or This information is meant for education and knowledge expansion. This blog post is not a form of mental health treatment or individual clinical work.

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