Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thank You Veterans

           Today is Veterans Day, as you are all aware. In my work over the years with different populations, I have been most appreciative of those who serve our country and those who stand by their side in service. Military veterans and their families are selfless, resilient, and adaptable people who put their own needs and futures aside and provide safety and freedom for our country.
           During graduate school, my dissertation and research was based on military family members because I was amazed at the women and men who were able to give in such an altruistic way. Most of the research was concentrated on caretakers of children in the home during a paternal deployment. 
           The results found that healthy attachment patterns, as in a healthy and functional relationship in marriage, provided resilient children, decreased negative behaviors due to deployed parents, and a stronger ability for service members to mentally withstand deployment. In less psychological jargon, this means that those in the military typically have healthy and stable relationships in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle in their family system, especially during deployment.
           It is truly a special person who will move, uproot his or her life, deploy, and continuously commit to something for the greater good of our country and lives of those he or she will never know. It is truly a special person who will selflessly put a spouses career in front of his or her own wants of the future because of the selfless commitment their spouse has made. These men and women sacrifice over and over again. We are thankful for you. We appreciate you. And we are grateful to you. Thank you for your service.

Shine on,

Dr. Kate

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