Wednesday, August 5, 2015

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  Alright. You are a person who has dealt with change. You are in transition. You are experiencing newness. You are experiencing growth. It sucks. It is hard. And it is painful. It may be really great to read all of those inspiring quotes on instagram about caterpillars becoming butterflies, growth in transition, working for what you want in order to become a successful, amazing BOSS of your life.
But let’s just get real here. This stuff is hard. It is rough. It is painful. And you have to work.
Sometimes, working is not fun and sometimes you just have no energy to do so. When you have lost yourself, or lost motivation, or changes have come your way that are too much to take on, you may find yourself stuck. You may find yourself feeling like you can’t move because if you go a little to the left or a little to the right, you may hit your breaking point.
So. What?!? What is so scary about hitting this breaking point? Are you afraid of your own tears because you are stressed? Or are you afraid that you aren’t strong enough? Are you afraid that this change in your life is going to be too difficult to handle? What is the absolute worst thing that can happen to you?
Are you afraid that there may be a hole in your life or in your heart if you take the leap, make the jump, make a move? It’s scary. It’s unknown. And it’s out of your control.
Changes and transformations in our lives are scary because we can’t hold onto them. We can’t grasp control of them. We can’t guarantee that they are going to make us happy or feel good or feel even human.
Have you ever felt sadness before? Have you ever had to change something and it be a really difficult thing to do? What was the outcome?
If you have no change, no transition, no newness, no growth, you become accustomed to what you’ve got. The lines begin to blur, you get comfortable, and you get stuck.
Holes are hard to repair. Pain is challenging to face. Fears are difficult to overcome. But you have what it takes to move. You deserve the opportunity to feel good. You deserve to feel loved and important and strong.
And sometimes, the only way to really feel strong, is to face that change right in the face, even if it’s going to make you have a hole.
Someone, somewhere, something, someplace, will come along, and help you fill that hole up. It will help you change. That move that you were scared of, that relationship you were afraid of getting out of, those people you wanted to challenge, they will help you realize that you are becoming.
We are all becoming. And you are worth every piece of the product of the change and transition in your life. Because you will find wholeness in trusting in yourself and embracing every bit of you. 

Shine On,

Dr. Kate

Dr. Kate Cummins is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist based out of Los Angeles, California. I am now accepting new patients in my private practice and through Skype (telehealth). Please look at my website, and contact me with any questions you may have (424)488-9973 or This information is meant for education and knowledge expansion. This blog post is not a form of mental health treatment or individual clinical work.

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