Friday, July 17, 2015

I'm Throwing a Party and Here's Why You Should Come

           I'm throwing a party next Thursday, July 23rd, in El Segundo. I'm inviting all moms in the greater Los Angeles area to come hang out with me. I'm throwing a party, and here's why you should come: I am exhausted by the way that my profession has made itself a quiet and hidden place on a map in our community. 
           The stigma that taking care of your mental health has in our current culture is one that makes it a shame-based perception of needing help. My patients come to me hanging onto their last resort, their last glimpse of hope, their final "I can't do this anymore." So I'm throwing a party.
           Every. Single. Person. Walking around on this planet deals with stress. Every single person on this planet has dealt with loss. Every single person has dealt with change. When a patient finally picks up the phone to call me, when they finally hit my doorstep, their own thoughts and behaviors have almost, almost won. 
           As women, we are stretched thin. In practice I see women who are so fragile from loss of sense-of-self and loss of engagement with others that they can barely leave the house in fear of their anxiety creeping in. I see women who feel so sad that they can't possibly think about showing up to events, dinners, things they used to enjoy, because it's all too hard. I see women of all ages, who need to feel needed and wanted and included. So you are included. And I want you to come to my party.
           I am over all of this. I'm throwing a party, because mental health is just as or more important than shopping at organic food places, working out regularly, attending church or yoga to get your soul fed. I am throwing a party so that mom's can come together, dress themselves up in beautiful clothing that makes them feel good about their appearance, and sit down without responsibility for a few hours. I am inviting you, because I don't want you to feel alone anymore. And I want to make this piece of your life fun. And I want to think outside of the box so that by the time you find yourself with a child who is externalizing such difficult symptoms that you don't know what to do with, you don't feel alone.
           I'm throwing a party for moms, so that they have a place to feel lovely. And not alone. And to know that they have support because they are doing their best. And so, I'm throwing a party for you. And your friends. All are invited. And food and drinks will be there. And we want to see you. We want to celebrate you. So I'm throwing a party. Hope to see you next Thursday. Oh, and RSVP so we know how many moonshine cocktails, coffees, wine, and appetizers to purchase for you!-

Shine On,

Dr. Kate

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