Thursday, July 23, 2015

Honesty and It's Beauty

           My patients are beautiful people. People are beautiful people. You are a beautiful person. We are flawed, but we are all beautifully trying to do what is best.
           This blog is certified parental bragging rights on my patients. They are rock stars. And here is why: They are not afraid of touching their own pain. They are not afraid of life's beautiful and messy honesty.
           In a world where we hide from the most vulnerable pieces of ourselves, it is hard to sometimes get in touch with who we are and where we came from. We all have things that we want to change about ourselves. We all have things that we wish were different.
           Most observe these pieces as flaws. They view them as something they are running away from. Maybe these pieces are insecurities, not being enough of, not being the BEST, or the CEO, or the PTA president, or the person who got the raise at work. They weigh on us, and they take us down.
           So we have choices with these insecurities. We let them define who we are, are perception of ourselves, or we pretend that they do not exist. We fight against them and become blind to them.
           Blindness is ignorance. You are not bold when you ignore something. You are not strong when you ignore your own needs. You are not changing and molding into who you beautifully were made to be if you are blind to pieces of who you are.
           Insecurities can block you from becoming the person you're meant to beautifully stand up and be. So here is why my patients are rock stars: They wrestle with these insecurities in front of another human (that is brave stuff). They honestly wave their flags of imperfection in front of me. And they express their world, that inner part that most are afraid to let others know is even there.
           My patients talk about the fight for freedom of their own insecurities, they get another team mate on their side (me) in the battle, and they come out of the darkness with honesty. They touch their pain. They feel it, and they let it go. In front of another person.
           This, my friends, is beautiful. Because it is truth, it is real, and it is honest. My hope for everyone is that they have a place to be beautifully honest in a world that tries to rid us of anything but perfection. (Which by the way, is an absolutely unattainable goal). Get up, go, be honest, and be beautiful.

Shine on,

Dr. Kate

Dr. Kate Cummins is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist based out of Los Angeles, California. I am now accepting new patients in my private practice and through Skype (telehealth). Please look at my website, and contact me with any questions you may have (424)488-9973 or This information is meant for education and knowledge expansion. This blog post is not a form of mental health treatment or individual clinical work.

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