Thursday, June 18, 2015


           Pain. My heart is in absolute pain this morning after hearing about the tragedy that occurred yesterday in Charleston. And my heart cries for those who have lost loved ones to other tragedies that have happened in the world. I feel heartbroken for the aftermath of what is to come for the friends, loved ones, and family members of those who have been taken too soon.
This is part of life. Loss. It is painful and difficult and people don’t know what to do with it or where to store it. It doesn’t make sense and it doesn't feel good. And it unfortunately becomes a part of the process that we go through on our journeys of being human. 
I can only imagine what the community in Charleston is waking up to this morning. The permanence has been removed from their lives, as they have started the process of a new normal for their path. Change that cannot be undone. Change that forever removes happiness.
As people, we have a package. We have stories about our lives that become who we are. We are given choices, we are given people to join us along the way, and we are given freedom to choose how to run our lives. And then reality hits. And something is taken away. For this particular instance, 9 lives have been taken away. And the lives that have been touched by these 9 people are forever changed. 
Pain is one of the most difficult emotions to deal with because there is nowhere for it to go. Most of my patients come into the office with eyes full of pain. Their tears quickly overflow when the emotion becomes too much to handle, and they let go. They cry for how it feels to have loss and they cry for how it feels to not have closure. They cry because sometimes on the other end of tears there is a small time to feel numb. And feeling numb gives the space to release pain.
This feeling is hard. Its difficult. And it leaves humans raw. It leaves us vulnerable. I feel for Charleston. I feel for our community. I feel for humankind. I feel for you. I feel for the struggles that most are going through in their daily lives with loss. The healthiest thing to do with pain is to feel it. Feel it, release it, and let it go.

Shine On,

Dr. Kate

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